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Born out of a smile, a quick text, and the click of a button 3,000 feet up in the air, the Dude-a-rita has graced us with its presence since 2017. 

When the concept for Black Sheep, a bar with tacos, came about, owners Chas Kubis and Charlie Pasquier were working closely with bar manager Brendan O’Neill to develop a bar program that would be interesting, unique and efficient. They knew the focus would be on agave and margaritas and to streamline the process they came up with the idea to have the house margarita freshly made every morning and put on tap- saving bartender’s shoulders and getting a consistently delicious marg in hand ASAP. With this in mind, they began fine tuning the space, planning the design of the bar, the open kitchen concept and the mechanics of a bar with tacos.

Thus, the dude became. In searching for tap handles, Brendan stumbled upon a tap handle online crafted in the likeness of the Dude from the film The Big Lebowski for ~ $10.00 and immediately sent a picture to Chas with a smile and question mark. Chas, who was flying home from Florida at the time, didn’t even respond to the text before ordering it while his flight took off back to Washington. The tap handle arrived, and the “Dude-a-rita” became the name of the margarita on tap, evoking laughs at how funky and happenstance it was. It won best margarita in Bellingham, and the name stuck! Now, it’s a part of Black Sheep and is a good reminder of where we started- just a couple of people with a dream to serve delicious cocktails and tacos, a silly joke amongst friends that resulted in the most popular drink on our menu. 

And yes, everyone can order a dude-a-rita! The name is not meant to denote an ounce of masculinity or femininity. It is rooted purely in the tap handle resembling the Dude from The Big Lebowski, and if you don’t want to say “dude-a-rita” because it feels silly, that’s okay too. We will happily pour you a house margarita all the same.

We feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of the Bellingham Community and are giving back by donating a portion of all dude-a-rita sales to BIPOC, LGBTQ, LATINX and other important causes. The designated charity changes quarterly.

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